Basics of Traditional Shaving

New to traditional shaving? Here are the basic steps:


 Equipment needed:

  • Pre/Post Shave Oil (if desired)
  • Shaving brush
  • Shaving razor, traditionally a safety razor or straight razor, however, any razor you prefer works
  • Water
  • Quality shaving soap
  • Shaving Bowl (if desired)
  • Aftershave


Step 1:

Soak bristles of shaving brush in warm water for several minutes in order to help soften bristles and help generate a better lather.  Use a glass or bowl to soak or simply hold your brush under running water for a period of time to allow it to be saturated.  Should you wish to use a Pre/Post Shave Oil, take this opportunity to apply it to your face allowing the oil to soften your skin and whiskers.


Step 2:

Shake any excess water from the bristles of your shave brush and begin to load it with shave soap using a circular motion for approximately 10-15 seconds.  Once your preferred amount of soap is on the brush, apply warm water to your face and begin to build a lather, either in a shave bowl or directly on your face.  Many prefer, me included, to “face lather” as it helps to lift the whiskers for a smoother, more comfortable shave.  Small amounts of water may need to be added to the brush and soap, several drops at time, in order to create a lather to your preference.   Start small and add to your liking.


Step 3:

Shave using your preferred razor and method.


Step 4:

Rinse your face of excess lather with water, warm or cold, to your preference.  Many prefer to rinse with warm water first in order to clean the pores and remove excess lather, followed by cold water to help seal the pores.  Remember to pat your skin dry.


Step 5:

Apply your preferred post shave oil or aftershave.  A post shave oil will help moisturize and soothe skin following a shave while an aftershave will help to disinfect, tone, cleanse.  Oil’s typically have a very light scent that dissipates quickly.  Aftershaves have a more robust scent that lingers for a longer amount of time.  Not sure which to use?  Try a combination of splash then to moisturize use a few drops of shave oil.